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Meet The Maker

Hi, I'm Emily!
 Stay at home mom to 3 little ones. Sweet tea, GIF, and houseplant LOVER. Maker and creator behind Babes & Bubs! I'm so glad you're here! 
I started making these backpacks in January of 2018. My 3 year old daughter Raelyn was going to therapy for autism every day. She just needed a change of clothes, pull-ups, and wipes. She only needed a little backpack, but I couldn't find one we both loved. SO I just made her one! And the rest is history!

Since then the backpacks have evolved a LOT until I found the design we have now. One of my favorite parts of this business is searching for new prints. There are a few that a permanent in the shop, but I love that prints can come and go. It means I get to go fabric shopping a lot more!